47 Samurai™ - OTT Monetization Experts

47 Samurai™ - OTT Monetization Experts

About Us

We’re Down With OTT.

47 Samurai is a group of OTT monetization and ad operations geeks, dedicated to making ad tech less painful and more profitable for video content publishers. From demand generation to yield optimization, 47 Samurai guarantees an easy, reliable and worry-free full-service monetization solution.

The 47 Samurai Advantage


We have already done the leg work, and will seamlessly connect your inventory with top industry SSPs and CTV buyers. Unsold inventory is lost revenue. We’ll make sure you have the best demand in your stack, optimized competitively and working correctly, so you can trade in your sleepless nights for sweet, sweet dreams of growing revenue.


Deal IDs make the programmatic world go ‘round. We take the mystery and headache out of progammatic. We’ll set you up with the “always-on” deals that keep your revenue consistent through the ebbs and flows of the media buying calendar.


Need more eyeballs? We’ve got you covered. Get your content seen across all the major AVOD platforms and increase traffic to your existing properties.


OTT is still maturing, and that means growing pains. If you’re struggling to get standard audience data to sync with your cookieless users- don’t worry, we’ve solved that too. Increase the value of your inventory by utilizing audience data from the top data management platforms.


We make sure you are getting the most from your inventory by passing the necessary and correct data points to buyers, from the beginning, every time.


We work with all the major CTV ad servers, we’ll make sure you are utilizing a platform that fits your needs and doesn’t break your bank.


The high-tech ad ecosystem works flawlessly every time, right? RIGHT! Performance can be hindered by any number of technical challenges, from passing parameters to hardware hiccups. We’d say we’ve seen it all, but let‘s be honest- there will always something new getting in the way. While we’ve seen and solved A LOT of problems in the OTT space, if we come across a new problem, rest assured we have the knowledge and network in place and are ready to debug the issue promptly and permanently.


We’ve built our relationships on hard work and trust. Our passion is problem-solving and our goal is mutual success. We guarantee a partnership with 47 Samurai will not only be a profitable one, but also enjoyable. Stick to what YOU are passionate about, we’ll handle the rest.

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